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Kingwood Garden Club.

Kingwood Garden Club.

Kingwood Garden Club.
Club Projects.

Kingwood Garden Club has an extensive and diverse list of projects we support. Projects are either directly participated in with club members acting as mentors, project managers and assistants or they are supported with monetary contributions from the club or both.

Our projects are chosen with our stated club objectives in mind. The objectives of this club are to stimulate interest in floral design and horticulture; to cultivate a broader knowledge of gardens and gardening; to aid in the protection of native trees, plants, and wildlife; to encourage civic interest in and appreciation for the work and growth of garden clubs; and to support, facilitate and/or fund such other garden-related projects as the club may deem to be a benefit to the community.

Listed below are the projects our club supports.  We also have a scholarship program benefiting anyone currently studying in a gardening field.  Please see “scholarship” section of this website for an application.

Continuing Projects / Participating:

Continuing Projects / Contributing:

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Caution: Poison.
  • Bittersweet (berry)
  • Bluebonnet (seed)
  • Burning Bush (leaves)
  • Candelabra Cactus (sap)
  • Carolina Yellow Jasmine
  • Castor Bean (seed)
  • Columbine (berry)
  • Coyotillo (fruit)
  • Cyclamen (tuber)
  • Dumb cane (all)
  • Elephant Ear (all)
  • Four O'Clock (root)
  • Foxglove (leaves)
  • Golden Chain (seed/flower)
  • Iris (underground stem)
  • Jimsonweed (all)
  • Lily of the Valley (all)
  • Mock Orange (fruit)
  • Monkshood (root)
  • Mountain Laurel (all)
  • Narcissus (bulb)
  • Nightshade (berry)
  • Oleander (all)
  • Pimpernel (all)
  • Pinks (seeds)
  • Poison Hemlock
  • Poison Ivy (all)
  • Pokeweed (leaves)
  • Potato (seed/sprout)
  • Rhododendron (all)
  • Rosary Pea (seed)
  • Scotch Broom seed)
  • Spider Lily (bulb)
  • Spurge Laurel
  • Sweet Pea (stem)
  • Tree Tobacco
  • Water Hemlock
  • Western Poison Oak
  • Wisteria (all)
  • Yew (all)


Lily.   Leaves.