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Kingwood Garden Club Members.

Kingwood Garden Club Pond.

Kingwood Garden Club Members.

Calendar of Events.

  • Kingwood Garden Club Home & Garden Tour
    The club hosts garden tours of four area homes that are open to the public. It is a fund raising event that features beautiful homes and gardens. The tour includes a plant sale, raffle sale, and botanical boutique. No Home Tour in 2018

  • Reforest the Forest Tree Sale
    Sale of native trees and shrubs and those adapted for living in our area. This event is sponsored by the club as a gift to the community and is not a fund raising event.

  • Pilgrimage
    Each year a trip is planned for the members of KGC. This is an educational opportunity for members to gain a broader knowledge of gardens and gardening from experts in the fields of horticulture and floral design. Some of the past trips have included tours of the Painted Churches, Dallas Arboretum, the Wildseed Farms in Fredricksburg, Shangri-La Gardens in Orange and the gardens in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

  • Community Share-A-Plant
    This is an opportunity for Garden Club members to share their plants and knowledge with the community. This is not a fund raising event. All plants are free.

  • Flower Show
    The Kingwood Garden Club presents a standard flower show to showcase membersí horticultural and floral arranging talents every third year. Members display examples of their horticulture specimen and create unique floral designs for judging. After the judging the event is open to the public for viewing. This is an excellent opportunity for community residents to gain insights into what plants grow well in the area as well as inspiring ideas for using flowers and plant materials in arrangements in their homes.

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Conservation List.

For Coastal Prairie Dist IV:


Texas Prairie Dawn, Texas Bitterweed
(Hymenoxys texana)

Texas Trailing Phlox
(Phlox nivalis)

Navasota Ladies Tresses
(Spiranthes parksii)


Elmendrof's onion
(Allium elmendorfi)

Texas windmill grass
(Chloris texensis)

Coastal Gayfeather
(Liatris bracteata)

Branched Gayfeather
(Liatris cymosa)

Grand Prairie Evening Primrose
(Oenothera pilosella)

Correll's False Dragonhead
(Physostegia correllii)

Chapman's Orchid
(Platanthera chapmanii)

Welder Machaeranthera
(Psilactis heteracarpa)

Houston Daisy, Houston Machaeranthera
(Machaeranthera aurea)

Houston Meadow Rue, Texas Meadow Rue
(Thalictrum texanum)

Threeflower Thurovia
(Thurovia triflora rose)

Violet.   Leaves.
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