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Club Information.

President: Millie Smaardyk


Mailing Address:
Kingwood Garden Club
P.O. Box 5048
Kingwood, TX 77325-5048

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
First Tuesday of the month October Through May

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
2929 Woodland Hills Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339

Social Time:
9:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Program and General Meeting:
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon


Message from the President.

President's Theme 2017-2018
"Planting Our Garden ...

 “Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.”  - Clare Ansberry

What a wonderful quote from author Clare Ansberry expressing the very heart of Kingwood Garden Club. We are drawn together by our love of nature and the splendor that surrounds us.  We share this love with our community while striving to protect and maintain gardening’s beauty through conservation.  “Planting our Garden: Community, Commitment, and Conservation” are the cornerstones which will guide the Kingwood Garden Club for 2017-2018.

As Garden Club Members, we ourselves are a community of like individuals who share a joy of gardening and a quest for knowledge about new plants, new growing techniques, and new gardening skills.  We support one another, and our common interest creates lasting friendships and bonds within our Membership.

But we are also part of a larger community as a whole … Kingwood, the Livable Forest. This Club, you as its Members, do a great deal to keep “the Livable” in Forest.  We are quietly working to keep Kingwood a green respite from the urban living that surrounds us.  We are committed to our ideals of serving our Membership and our community with knowledge and beautification.

Kingwood Garden Club has been an integral part of this community for about 45 years. This Club, with its dedicated Members, continues to work with Kingwood residents, nurturing a love of gardening, knowledge, and conservation.

From our Garden of Hope at the Kingwood Library to our recent public symposium on mastering garden skills, the Garden Club is committed to community outreach.    We also bring a sense of tradition to our Kingwood community with our bi-annual Spring Home and Garden Tour where residents and Members have an opportunity to share the beauty of our gardens.

Cultivating an understanding and need for conservation guides us in our programs, educational excursions, and public events.  We continually work to educate ourselves and the community about nature and our local natural resources.  Native plants, water usage, butterflies and birds, non-chemical pesticides…all topics we as nature lovers and gardeners appreciate and want to share with each other.

To continue this work, the Club needs you…your time, your ideas, your leadership.  The knowledge you have gained and the friendships you have made as a Garden Club Member are important to you as an individual and as a member of our larger community. Our Yearbook cover artwork, beautifully done by Member Jan Fish, should be a metaphor for our Club.  Each lovely individual blossom creating a beautiful, growing plant that everyone can enjoy.


- Millie Smaardyk,
   Club President







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Executive Committee.

Millie Smaardyk

Elaine Janiga
1st Vice President, Programs

Margo Rushin
2nd Vice President, Membership

Dean McNeely II
3rd Vice President, Yearbooks

Kathy Owen

John Hernández

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Please contact us at: kgc@kingwoodgardenclub.org


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